UNC Radical Rush 2014 is a week of events (9/2 to 9/9) celebrating the possibilities for liberation and political struggle in the UNC community.

Dear “Student”:

You are coming to college because it’s supposed to be different. Soon the old monotony of high school classes and the feeling of powerlessness against shitty teachers will be gone. In college, you can do what you want. You’ll be free to learn what you want, go where you want, live where you want. College will be the first time you finally feel like you’re in control of your life. Except you won’t be.

It might feel like that at first. For the first week, the first month, maybe even the first year, you might be overjoyed at the small concessions modern life has given you just in time for you to NOT go crazy from the prison that was high school. But in time you’ll realize your life is a routine once again. As the Luddites point out, your conversations will be mediated by your Heelmail and Google Docs along with Facebook and Instagram; and as the Counter Cartography Collective will show, your movements will be subtly monitored and controlled so you’ll only end up in the exact place they want you to be. And those shitty teachers? They haven’t gone anywhere, and they’re still in control.

We want to break free from that. This is not a welcome packet. This is a prison break manual. The histories, how-tos, and count- er-information contained herein are intended to help you connect to others fed up with a mediated, scheduled life. You’ve probably already met them. That graffiti in the bathroom stall, the one that urges you to rebel? That poem that lit a fire in your heart?

That’s what UNControllables is all about.


Join in

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