Further Reading

Disorientation Guide 2014

Disorientation Guide 2014 (for print)

The student rebel’s guide to Radical Rush Week, radical groups on and off campus, local resistance history, and a map to the alternative spaces in Chapel Hill and Carrboro.

UNCONTROLLABLE: Questions and Answers About Anarchy

UNCONTROLLABLE: Questions and Answers About Anarchy (for print)

The UNControllables’ primer on anarchist ideas. Collectively authored by more than 8 people, this anarchist FAQ offers a basic introduction into anti-authoritarian ideas.

Remapping the University: A People’s History of UNC Chapel Hill

This extensive timeline compiled by the Counter-Cartographies Collective traces the history of progressive social movements, protest actions, and legislative and policy changes that have have rocked the University and the surrounding communities since UNC’s founding in 1795.

The Counter-Cartographies Collective’s disOrientation Guide 2.0 (not to be confused with the UNControllables’ upcoming Disorientation Guide!)

Over the spring and summer of 2006, 3Cs worked in collaboration with other campus and community groups to produce the first disOrientation map to UNC. Designed for incoming first-year undergraduate and graduate students, as well as new faculty, the map details UNC’s local and global ties, decentering the notion of the university as “ivory tower” and positing overlapping and conflicting notions of UNC as “… a functioning body,” “… a factory,” “… producing your world”. The map also contains gobs of useful information about courses offered at UNC, interesting community groups, even coffee shops!

CrimethInc. for College Freshman

This article from the preeminent anarchist clearinghouse suggests ways to harness University resources to support radical, revolutionary causes.

Oppression, Privilege and Systems of Inequality: personal problems versus social issues

This awesome, short Powerpoint presentation defines and explains systemic oppression and how it works. Check it out!

I Raised My Hand to Volunteer: Student Protest in 1960s Chapel Hill

Part of a larger project that included a physical exhibit mounted in the Manuscripts Department of Wilson Library 23 January, 2007 through 15 June, 2007 and a series of accompanying programs, this online exhibit contains digitized documents, images, and other archival materials relating to 1960s student protests in Chapel Hill, N.C. The exhibit is divided into four parts, relating to four different periods of protest in 1960s Chapel Hill: desegregation, Speaker Ban protests, the Black Student Movement and cafeteria workers, and finally opposition to the war in Vietnam. In addition, this website contains biographies of participants, timelines, bibliographies, and other research tools.

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